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Musashi High Performance Centre:

The Musashi High Performance Centre is a state-of-the-art training facility and research & development centre.

Opening its doors in 2009 the High Performance Centre represents the future of sports supplementation development in Australia, with product development occurring in conjunction with athlete trials & feedback, and supported with superior testing facilities to measure real results.

The High Performance Centre aims
to deliver against 3 key objectives:

1To remain at the forefront of sports supplementation development in Australia.

2To provide superior, results-based trials to provide quality data quantifying product benefits.

3To support accurate and effective education for sports supplementation retailers, fitness industry and the wider community.

To further enhance the impact of the facility Musashi has partnered with Bodyology and Conquest Fitness who operate of out the high performance centre.

Bodyology is run by exercise scientist Andrew Garlick who utilises state-of-the-art body composition testing through the innovative BodPod & VO2 Max testing to provide athletes with the most accurate reading of their training and nutrition needs.

While Conquest Fitness is the work of strength and conditioning coach Dave Tuinauvai, who provides athletes with innovative and measured training protocols to get the most out of their body every session.

Musashi says of the facility:

"The Experience is a purpose built high performance facility that allows us to stay at the forefront of performance nutrition. With elite athlete training, diagnostic testing and a product development laboratory all under the same roof, we can continue to have our elite athletes use our products in and around training periods, analyse their feedback and results during the development process and make any necessary adjustments to the finished product before going to market ensuring only the best and proven products become available for use by consumers. Future case studies inside the facility will also help us design supplementation protocols to satisfy consumer needs."

Bodyology Conquest Fitness
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