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Nutrition & Supplement News

Healthy eating during pregnancy

Eating a well balanced diet during pregnancy is important for the health and development of your unborn baby.  If you’re already in good health and eat a well-balanced diet you won’t need to make too many changes during pregnancy as the body adapts to the additional energy requirements and becomes more efficient with vitamin and mineral absorption.  There is a common misunderstanding that pregn

Weight loss and lifestyle

Emotions are more than just how we feel, they are chemical changes in our bodies.  Stress release’s a hormone called cortisol into the body which is detrimental to fat loss.  Cortisol hinders the body’s ability to burn fat and for some people increase the likelihood of food cravings.  Cortisol is termed catabolic (breaks down muscle) and has the opposite effect to the hormone testosterone, whic

CLEAN EATING: Clean up your diet for healthy weight gain

Perhaps a new paleo café has opened in your area or you have heard the words ‘clean eating’ at the gym, either way clean eating is gaining traction – but what does it mean and how can it help you to live a healthy lifestyle while also building muscle and cutting body fat?

Musashi Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is one of the most popular dietary supplements on the market. Naturally found in foods such as salmon, tuna and beef; creatine is stored in muscles and used to power performance during repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise, power sports and strength training.

Immune Support

Despite your best nutritional intentions, you may occasionally experience illness of vary type, duration and severity. During the winter months’ colds are more common as they circulate in the air often attacking healthy individuals.

The power of protein

During our adolescent years we were encouraged to finish everything on our plate, we were told never to snack between meals and the largest meal of the day was often served in the evening. Today many of us are working hard to reprogram our mind and body to adopt modern day eating habits to improve health and wellbeing.

Musashi Recovery Bircher Muesli

Grabbing a coffee on the way into the office or a muffin from the local service station is not considered a healthy start to the day. Breakfast – meaning to break the overnight fast is the most important meal of the day and should not be brushed off or skipped all together.

Protein Supplements – the difference between whey and casein

Milk contains two main proteins: whey and casein, both commonly used in sports nutrition products. They are both high-quality proteins naturally rich in branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) essential for muscle growth and repair. Although both whey and casein come from milk there is a distinct difference between the two making it easy to determine which one is suitable for your training needs.

Food Swaps - Making the right choices for your waistline

Did you know that if you consume 330ml (1 can) of coco cola each day for a year you can put on a whopping 6kg of body fat! 

Burn fat and reveal your muscle

To achieve a leaner body that shows of defined muscle, you have to start by getting rid of any excess fat covering the muscle.  The concept is simple; burn more calories than you take in on a daily basis i.e. if you consume 2,500Kcal (10,460 kJ) per day then you will need to burn more than this per day to lose weight.