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Food Swaps - Making the right choices for your waistline

Did you know that if you consume 330ml (1 can) of coco cola each day for a year you can put on a whopping 6kg of body fat! 
If you love food, but don’t like the centimetres it can add to your waistline then it’s time to make wiser choices and cut back on unwanted additional body fat.  Generally, opting for foods that are low in fat can help with weight control.  This can be as easy as as swapping full-fat milk for skim, switching vegetable oil for spray olive oil or removing fat from meat and poultry.  Not all foods described as ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat free’ are automatically low in calories.  In fact, some low-fat products actually contain more calories than standard products, thanks to the added sugar, preservatives and thickeners they contain – so always check the food label.   
Whether you want to lose weight, maintain a balanced diet or achieve a particular sporting goal it is important that you are making the right food choices daily. The tables below provide examples of ‘food swaps’ to help you control weight and make the best choices when it comes to food selections. 
Food GroupsSwapFor this
BakeryWhite or wholemeal bread and rollsWholegrain, rye, spelt, sourdough or soy & linseed)
Doughnuts, pastries and sconesEnglish muffins and small wholegrain bagels
Cheesy bread, cheese bacon rollPlain breads
Sweet treats (iced bun, fingers)AVOID
CerealMuesli (shop bought)Rolled porridge oats and add your own serve of trail mix (home-made muesli)
Special KShredded wheat
Corn flakes/ Frosted flakesWeetbix
Savoury snacksCorn ChipsPretzels snacks (unsalted)
Sweet biscuitsRice cakes topped with cottage cheese, ricotta, avocado or hummus
Buttered, caramel or salted popcornAir popped popcorn (unsalted)
Cashew nutsRaw almonds
Potato chipsAir popped popcorn/ rice cake crackers
Arnott’s ShapesRice thins or water crackers with hummus.
Pasta/ Rice/ PotatoWhite pastaWholemeal or spelt pasta
White riceBasmati or brown rice
White potatoSweet potato
Fish/ seafoodBattered fishSteamed fish
Flake batteredGrilled salmon or tuna
Prawns fried in garlic butterPrawns fresh with lemon juice
MeatPrime or marbled cut of beefLean beef (round, sirloin and loin)
Salami/ peperoniThin sliced ham off the bone
SausagesLean pork chops
Smoked hamTurkey/ Chicken sliced
DairyCreamLow fat Greek yogurt or ricotta
Ice creamSorbet or frozen grapes
Full fat milkSkim/ low fat milk
Milk chocolateDark chocolate (80% + coco)
Cheddar cheese (Tasty)

Cottage cheese or ricotta cheese



Cuisine – eating outSwapFor this
Café style breakfastFried or creamy eggs e.g. Benedict or creamy scrambled eggsPoached Eggs, boiled egg, omelette
Fried mushrooms or fried tomatoesGrilled mushrooms and grilled tomato
Thick café-style white bread/toastThin slice of wholegrain, spelt or rye
Bacon/ sausagesSmoked Salmon or thin shaved ham
Japanese/ Vietnamese/ ChineseTonkatsu or tempura veggiesSushi, seaweed salad or sashimi
Spring rolls friedRice paper rolls
Fried riceSteamed rice/ plain rice
 Fresh stir fry (vegetable, chicken, beef)
ThaiCurries with creamy sauces i.e Thai Green CurryStir Fry with Herbs and spices, tofu i.e. Chicken with Cashew Nuts.*chili, garlic, fresh herbs to spice rather than thick sauces.
Coconut RiceBrown or basmati rice
Fried egg noodlesVermicelli rice noodles
PizzaMeat lovers (Avoid Salami or processed meats)Aim to have chicken or more vegetable based toppings.
ItalianCream based pasta saucesTomato based pasta sauces
White pastaWholegrain or spelt pasta
Garlic bread entréeBruschetta or Serve of Olives
Pizza Meat lovers (avoid salami/ peperoni/ ham and other processed meats)Minimum toppings (vegetables, chicken) Without cheese or with mozzarella instead of full cheese base.
IndianCurries with creamy sauces i.e. Butter Chicken or KormaTandoori Chicken
Nan breadBasmati/ plain or saffron rice
Onion Bahjia/ vegetable samosaX1 poppadum with fresh onion/ tomato/ herbs
Vegetable KormaPalak Panner (spinach & cottage cheese with mixed spices)
Beef MadrasRogan Josh
MexicanEnchilada’sVegetable or Chicken Fajitas
BurritoSoft taco
GreekSouvlakiMeat platter without the pita bread or sauce
SaganakiGreek salad