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Immune Support

Despite your best nutritional intentions, you may occasionally experience illness of vary type, duration and severity. During the winter months’ colds are more common as they circulate in the air often attacking healthy individuals.

There is no scientific evidence to support the common belief that ‘sweating out a cold’ at the gym or sitting in a sauna for hours on end will cure a cold. There is however strong evidence to support claims that vitamin C and zinc help to reduce the length of a common cold and speed up the recovery process.

Your immune system can be compromised by a range of factors, including physical stress from prolonged periods of exercise, injury and inflammation and environmental factors such as temperature, pollution and nutrition.

Musashi Immune has been carefully formulated with a selection of ingredients (glutamine, pectin, vitamin C and zinc) designed to support the bodies natural immune system in times of physical exertion and strenuous exercise, allowing you to maintain your chosen training frequency and intensity.

Prolonged periods of heavy training as well as ultra-endurance competition, such as adventure racing, triathlon and long distance running, are associated with significant drops in plasma (blood) glutamine levels. Daily supplementation with glutamine is thought to reduce these drops, providing the exerciser with immune support.

Pectin (sauced from apples) promotes a healthy gut and digestive system while Vitamin C the powerful antioxidant works with zinc to suppress the length and severity of the cold. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin (can not be stored in the body and must be consumed daily) and zinc is found in a wide variety of foods however, only one-third consumed in the diet is absorbed hence why supplementation of both vitamin C and zinc is recommended.

Try adding one teaspoon of Musashi Immune to a serving of juice, fruit smoothie, Greek yogurt or Musashi protein shake to help boost your natural immune system and fight the winter cold.