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The power of protein

During our adolescent years we were encouraged to finish everything on our plate, we were told never to snack between meals and the largest meal of the day was often served in the evening. Today many of us are working hard to reprogram our mind and body to adopt modern day eating habits to improve health and wellbeing.

Scientific evidence has frequently identified 20 grams of protein as the magic number . Eating 5-6 small meals a day containing 20g of protein will leave you feeling fuller for longer and reduce unwanted energy slumps throughout the day. Now let’s be honest, we have all experienced the 3pm energy slump, which often results in us hitting a vending machine, grazing straight from the pantry or pulling into the petrol station to pick up a chocolate bar. Losing weight is one thing but maintaining a healthy lean physique involves a wholehearted change in attitude and behaviour towards food as well as a change in portions and types of foods consumed.

Musashi Low Carb Protein powder contains 20g of protein per serve, falling nicely in line with expert recommendations. Musashi Low Carb also contains added L-glutamine, an important amino acid for boosting immunity and assisting muscle maintenance. Musashi Low Carb is a great tasting protein powder which mixes nicely with water and easy to consume on the go. Become creative with the way you use your protein powder try adding one serve (2.5 scoops) of protein powder to your breakfast cereal in the morning or to home made biscuits or cakes for a mid-afternoon snack.

The meal plan below provides a suggestion of how you can achieve the recommended 20g of protein per meal to fall in line with protein recommendations.

Breakfast (7am)
Rolled oats raw (½ cup) with x1 handful of trail mix and 150ml skim milk and 1-2 scoops of Musashi High Protein or Musashi Low Carb protein powder.

Snack (10am)
Smoothie – mixed berries, banana, crushed ice, 2.5 scoops of Musashi Low Carb Protein powder x2 tbsp. low fat Greek yoghurt & 100ml water.

Lunch (12.30pm)
Chicken breast (sliced) with mixed green salad in a wholegrain wrap or flat bread and low fat hummus.

Snack (3pm)
Musashi Low Carb carrot cake (see Musashi recipes)

Dinner (7pm)
Lean beef or tofu stir fry with mixed green and brightly coloured vegetables along with a serve of vermicelli noodles.