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Is Your Ideal Physique Just a Few Extra Grams of Protein Away?

Could increasing your protein intake throughout the day help you build a body others notice?  

Maintaining muscle mass and tone is a balancing act. Our muscles flux between muscle growth (anabolism) and muscle breakdown (catabolism) depending on nutrition and exercise. No matter what your training level, there are clear benefits in considering protein to help build muscle and tone up.

Resistance training alone promotes muscle gains but at the same time increases muscle breakdown.  Without a post-workout nutrition plan, resistance training can result in an overall loss of muscle protein.1 The combined effect of resistance training and protein generates a greater increase in muscle protein building than either alone and abolishes the increased muscle breakdown linked to resistance training.2

Combining resistance training with the right nutrition can help to optimise your muscle gains.3  MUSASHI’s range of bars provides a convenient option for your post-workout protein needs.  Including MUSASHI Low Carb or MUSASHI High Protein bars - the perfect low carb, protein hits post workout or for throughout the day.

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