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Training News

Fun Run Nutrition

Are you – or would you like to be a recreational runner, training primarily for health and fitness? Maybe you have decided for the first time to take on one of the many fun runs held across Australia throughout the winter months.

Getting the most out of your recovery time

When your body is put under pressure and muscles are pushed beyond their comfort zone, fatigue and muscle soreness can set in. After exercise you can feel sore, tired and weak as your body begins to repair the torn muscles during the natural recovery process.

Winter Boot Camp Training

Early morning boot camp training or late night park sessions on a winters night – we have all been there. Whatever your drive to get out in the cold, putting strain on your body while neglecting your diet truly can result in a waste of time. Experts say diet influences 70-80% of the results and the remaining 20-30% comes from training.

Winter Bulk - Summer bodies are made in winter

Bodybuilders work hard throughout the winter months to build bulk. Focus then switches to fat burning and muscle sculpting throughout the spring and summer months.  The goal of bulking is to gain weight in muscle, not fat.  Strength training, quality nutrition and the correct use of supplements play key roles in developing muscle mass without experiencing significant weight gain from fat.

Bulking up for 2017

If you are ready to embark on a muscle building regime for 2017 you will need to ensure you are complementing your strength training with appropriate nutrition. Muscles need food to grow and without sufficient fuel (protein, carbohydrates and fats) muscle tissue will not develop.

Shred the holiday weight

At the start of the year most of us are keen to get back into shape and shed any excess weight gained over the Christmas period. Before you start any new fitness program or diet, consider the benefits of weight loss success and try and understand how sports supplements can help you achieve your dream goal.

Body Composition Explained

Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in a human body.  Muscle tissue takes up less space in your body than fat tissue.  Muscle also burns more calories than fat, which means the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn – even at rest.

Staying in shape this Christmas

It’s the season for great food and fun entertaining.  Christmas festivities are getting closer and it is tempting to skip the gym for an evening sipping champagne with friends or a BBQ with the family in the summer sun.  Christmas is a time that many of us let our hair down and forget the exercise routine or healthy eating programs we have been following all year.

Muscle Up with Drop Sets!

Gaining lean muscle is a continual process of effective training, nutrition and recovery. All these factors must be met in order to maximise your overall result. Resistance training stimulates the muscles into growing bigger and stronger to cope with the stress being put on them.

The 6 Undisputed Heavy Weight tips for Gaining Muscle

  • Train to Gain – Gaining Muscle is your body’s response to the stimuli via resistance training. In order to maximise muscle growth limit you Daily Resistance sessions to 1 to 2 body parts, preforming 3-4 sets per exercise , selecting  a weight that challenges you to reach 8-10 reps.