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The 6 Undisputed Heavy Weight tips for Gaining Muscle

  • Train to Gain – Gaining Muscle is your body’s response to the stimuli via resistance training. In order to maximise muscle growth limit you Daily Resistance sessions to 1 to 2 body parts, preforming 3-4 sets per exercise , selecting  a weight that challenges you to reach 8-10 reps. The harder you work in the gym the more muscle you stimulate to grow.
  • Supplementation- Key Nutrients at Key times throughout your training session is the best way to maximise your energy levels during and maximise your recovery post. Select a high Quality Pre, Intra and Post Training supplement (Reactivate , Elevator , Bulk Extreme).
  • Eat big to get big – Start by structuring 6 meals per day with a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats. If possible book in with a sports Nutritionist to get a personalise Meal Plan. 
  • Sleep To Recover – You grow when you rest, so get plenty of it. The extra training stress on your body increases you need for sleep. Listen to your body and get at least 8 hours of consistent unbroken sleep every night. 
  • HydrateMuscles and blood are 80 % water; if you are dehydrated you will feel sluggish and weak. Drink approx. 500 ml per 10 kg of body weight. 
  • Commit – Ultimately the Gains you make in muscle mass come down to how much commitment you have to all the above tips. If you only commit 60 % then you will only get 60 % of the results you could have made. Structure a program encompassing your Food Plan, Supplement Plan and Training schedule and make sure you commit 100% to it.

Good Luck!

Author: Jon Davie – Former Mr Olympia and Supplement & Training Guru