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Shred the holiday weight

At the start of the year most of us are keen to get back into shape and shed any excess weight gained over the Christmas period. Before you start any new fitness program or diet, consider the benefits of weight loss success and try and understand how sports supplements can help you achieve your dream goal.

While exercise is vital when it comes to slimming down and toning up, nutrition is an even bigger factor. Skipping meals will not only leave you feeling hungry, lethargic and miserable but can also delay the weight loss process. Consuming the right amount of calories is an important part of weight loss. Muscles need calories to grow and by increasing the bodies muscle mass through a balance of cardiovascular and resistance training you’ll actually find it easier to burn fat and develop lean muscle.

Any form of exercise increases the need for protein in the body. Protein is the key nutrient in supporting muscle growth, development and tone. Many high protein foods such as red meat and cheese also contain high amounts of saturated fat, making them calorie dense. Whey protein however is natural protein derived from milk, it contains low levels of saturated fat, minimal carbohydrates and naturally occurring amino acids ideal for low fat muscle building.

If you feel as though you need an extra helping hand to kick start your fat loss Musashi Shred and Burn Protein powder contains all the essential ingredients needed for healthy weight loss. The Musashi low fat, low carbohydrate, thermogenic protein powder contains a unique formula shown to assist men and women achieve their weight loss goals.

If you would like to shed a few kilos before the end of summer start off by setting yourself a realistic weight loss goal (0.5kg-1kg per week) and get active. Use these 5 top tips to help you get started.

  1. Set yourself a new realistic goal I.e. Run a half marathon in 2016, attend a yoga class every other day, walk the dog every morning or complete 2-3 spin classes a week. Whatever your goal, make sure it is achievable and realistic for you and your lifestyle.
  2. If you are someone that craves sweet foods late at night, drink a glass of ice cold water with a slice of lemon or a lemon and ginger tea straight after dinner. The acidic flavors help reduce sweet cravings and take your mind off the foods you don’t really need to eat.
  3. Include protein with every meal and snack. To increase the protein content of each meal try one of the Musashi recipes or add a scoop of Musashi protein to your yogurt, porridge oats, smoothies or juice.
  4. Aim to burn more calories than you consume by keeping active throughout the day. Use the stairs, walk to the shops, go for a 20min walk during your lunch break and try and complete more than 10,000 steps each day.
  5. Add Shred and Burn Protein powder to your daily routine, even on nontraining days. Consume one serve of Musashi Shred and Burn Protein powder at the end of each workout OR 1-hour prior to each workout. On non-training days consume one shake as a snack in-between main meals.

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