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Shred the holiday weight

At the start of the year most of us are keen to get back into shape and shed any excess weight gained over the Christmas period. Before you start any new fitness program or diet, consider the benefits of weight loss success and try and understand how sports supplements can help you achieve your dream goal.

Food Swaps - Making the right choices for your waistline

Did you know that if you consume 330ml (1 can) of coco cola each day for a year you can put on a whopping 6kg of body fat! 

Body Composition Explained

Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, bone, water and muscle in a human body.  Muscle tissue takes up less space in your body than fat tissue.  Muscle also burns more calories than fat, which means the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn – even at rest.

Burn fat and reveal your muscle

To achieve a leaner body that shows of defined muscle, you have to start by getting rid of any excess fat covering the muscle.  The concept is simple; burn more calories than you take in on a daily basis i.e. if you consume 2,500Kcal (10,460 kJ) per day then you will need to burn more than this per day to lose weight.

Caffeine for performance

Caffeine is one of the most researched ingredients in the sports nutrition world.  Studies have demonstrated positive mental and physical performance with doses ranging between 0.45mg – 6mg/ per kg body weight (e.g.6 x 70kg = 420mg per day).

Eating for great abs

Many people spend hours in the gym, literally busing their gut, in the hope of achieving a 6 pack washboard stomach.