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Healthy eating guidelines: Preparation, Portions and Protein

The Australian Healthy Eating Guidelines displayed on the website suggest that many of the health problems in Australia today are linked with poor eating habits. Too many people eat too much saturated fat, added salt, added sugars and alcohol.  Even reducing these by small amounts can make us healthier.

Staying in shape this Christmas

It’s the season for great food and fun entertaining.  Christmas festivities are getting closer and it is tempting to skip the gym for an evening sipping champagne with friends or a BBQ with the family in the summer sun.  Christmas is a time that many of us let our hair down and forget the exercise routine or healthy eating programs we have been following all year.

Do vegetarian athletes and exercisers get enough protein?

As a vegetarian you are probably familiar with the question “how do you get enough protein?” and up until now you may not have been able to answer this question with confidence or certainty.

Is Your Ideal Physique Just a Few Extra Grams of Protein Away?

Could increasing your protein intake throughout the day help you build a body others notice?  


Could This Unlock Your Muscle Growth Potential?

The contractions and overload during intense training can promote microdamage in muscle fibers, this can result in a temporary decrease in strength, and delayed onset muscle soreness.

Muscle Up with Drop Sets!

Gaining lean muscle is a continual process of effective training, nutrition and recovery. All these factors must be met in order to maximise your overall result. Resistance training stimulates the muscles into growing bigger and stronger to cope with the stress being put on them.