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Muscle Up with Drop Sets!

Gaining lean muscle is a continual process of effective training, nutrition and recovery. All these factors must be met in order to maximise your overall result. Resistance training stimulates the muscles into growing bigger and stronger to cope with the stress being put on them.

One technique that will ensure your muscles will be stressed and screaming out for recovery is Drop Setting.

Drop Setting has been a stable exercise technique used by body builders for years to make drastic muscle mass gains. It involves overloading the muscles past the point of normal muscle failure by making small reductions in the resistance used during the set. In other words dropping the weight continuously during the set, as the muscle starts fatiguing.


For example:  

For a Flat Dumbbell press – I warm up doing 3 sets of 10 -15 reps on 30 kg dumbbells.

After warming up I can proceed to my first working set. I select a dumbbell that I will fail on at 6-8 reps (eg 40 kg), I then selecte 2 more dumbbells each subsequently 10% lighter than the last (35kg) and (30kg).

I start the set by pressing the 40kg dumbbells for as many reps as I can before dropping the weight down to the 35kg dumbbells. I then perform as many reps with good form on the 35kg before dropping down to the 30kgs. This equates to one drop set, I suggest doing 2 drop sets per exercise with a total of 3-4 exercises per body part.

Remember always lift safely and use a weight that you can control, not a weight that controls you.


Author: Jon Davie – Former Mr Olympia and Supplement & Training Guru