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Staying in shape this Christmas

It’s the season for great food and fun entertaining.  Christmas festivities are getting closer and it is tempting to skip the gym for an evening sipping champagne with friends or a BBQ with the family in the summer sun.  Christmas is a time that many of us let our hair down and forget the exercise routine or healthy eating programs we have been following all year.  Try not to get side-tracked from your goals and don’t let Christmas be an excuse to start the New Year with a little extra body weight.  These five tips can help you stay on track during the Christmas period.  

Fresh foods in season
Load up your plate with in fresh vegetables or exchange a rich Christmas desert with a tropical fruit salad.  Summer fruits include: apricots, banana’s, berries, cherries, figs, pineapple and grapes.  Vegetables include: asparagus, beans, avocadoes, celery, cucumber capsicum and zucchini.  

Fruit juice
Fruit juice is an easy way to pile on a few sneaky calories without realising.  If you enjoy a fruit juice with your breakfast why not fill half of the glass with fresh juice and the other half with tap water.  This way you are cutting the calories by half without even realising.

Sweet treats on the Christmas tree
Reduce temptation, refrain from decorating the Christmas tree with edible decorations like chocolate or candy.  Make sure you keep sweet treats out of arm’s reach; if you can’t see it you will be less likely to want them. 

Coffee with friends
Liquid Calorie can sneakily add to your daily energy intake.  You often remember every bite of food, but are you counting the cappuccinos and hot chocolates?  A large hot chocolate or a flavoured coffee can each equate to approximately 600 Calories – equivalent to a chocolate bar or a large cake-style muffin.  A 250ml cup of cappuccino made with full-cream milk equals approximately 490kJ and a large latte contains approximately 1297 kJ (309 Kcal) and a large latte with skim milk contains 693 kJ (165 Kcal).  To minimise sneaky weight gain, ask for the smallest size, ask for skim milk and avoid whipped cream or side of marshmallows. 

Hosting Christmas Breakfast
Avoid the bacon, sausages, fried eggs this season.  Serve salmon with poached eggs on rye, sourdough or spelt toast.  Salmon contains a good source of omega-3, excellent for brain development, while eggs are a natural source of iron, vitamin D and folate. This protein powered breakfast will set you up for Christmas day and keep you feeling fuller for longer reducing the chances of over indulging on foods which are not so good for your waistline.