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Caffeine for performance

Caffeine is one of the most researched ingredients in the sports nutrition world.  Studies have demonstrated positive mental and physical performance with doses ranging between 0.45mg – 6mg/ per kg body weight (e.g.6 x 70kg = 420mg per day).  Caffeine is found naturally in over 60 species of plants including coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans and guarana and is commonly used in pre-workout supplements to boost energy, sustain exercise intensity and assist mental alertness.  

After consumption caffeine is absorbed by the stomach and intestine and takes approximately 20 minutes to take effect.  When consumed around exercise the athlete will be able to better sustain exercise intensity, concentration and focus and will also experience improvements in reaction time and tactical decision making.  Due to its metabolic activity, caffeine is also thought to help fat burning hence its inclusion in weight loss supplements such as the Musashi Shred and Burn Protein Powder and Musashi Shred and Burn Protein Bar.   

It’s easy to see with this impressive benefit list why caffeine is indeed so popular in sport and exercise, but it’s also important to understand that an individual’s tolerance of caffeine is very personal so finding what works for you is important.  How you react to caffeine depends on your body mass, metabolism and personal tolerance.  Before choosing a supplement which contains caffeine work out your current daily intake and ensure you do not exceed recommended doses. Generally speaking, a total of 400mg a day is considered an acceptable dose.  

Caffeine content in common drinks


Cola 375ml36-48mg per serve
1 cup of Instant coffee70-80mg per serve
1 cup of tea30mg per serve
Chocolate drink30-60mg per serve
Espresso Coffee/ latte90-200mg per serve
Energy drinks80-90mg per serve


Musashi products containing caffeine

Musashi Shred and Burn (100mg per serve)

Musashi Elevator (100mg per serve) 

Musashi Pre-workout (120mg per serve) 

Using caffeine to your advantage
You can develop a tolerance to caffeine therefore the most beneficial impact on performance for athletes prior to competition or race day is to go through a wash-out period (no caffeine consumed) 7-10 days prior to the event or race. To avoid headaches and withdrawal symptoms it is advised to slowly reduce caffeine consumption leading up to the wash-out period.  Once you have completed a wash-out period consume caffeine 20-30min before you require the caffeine boost on race day to get the best performance benefits.