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Burn fat and reveal your muscle

To achieve a leaner body that shows of defined muscle, you have to start by getting rid of any excess fat covering the muscle.  The concept is simple; burn more calories than you take in on a daily basis i.e. if you consume 2,500Kcal (10,460 kJ) per day then you will need to burn more than this per day to lose weight.  Putting this into practice may not be as simple as it sounds, hard work and dedication is important.  Check out these three handy tips to help you shed the winter fat and reveal your summer muscle.     

Maintain muscle
Protein is important for muscle development.  Quite often calories become an obsession for people trying to achieve lean definition.  Try not to over think calories and focus on the more important things such as feeding the muscles with protein and cutting out the high sugary and high fat foods to reduce body fat.  Your muscles need between 0.8 - 2.0g of protein per kilogram of body weight to achieve lean definition, which should be consumed equally over 5-6 small meals per day.  Research suggests approximately 20-40g of protein should be consumed every 3-4hours. This recommendation falls in line nicely with the Musashi protein powders and bars.  Musashi Shred and Burn, Musashi Low Carb and Musashi High Protein all contain between 20-30g of protein per serve while Musashi Bulk Bars contain 27g of protein and Musashi High Protein Bars contain 45g of protein per bar.          

Burn the excess fat
Thermogenesis is the process of generating energy and heat into cells of the body, burning calories in the process.  Thermogenic ingredients such as garcinia cambogia, nicotinic acid and caffeine are often added to weight loss supplements i.e. Musashi Shred and Burn to assist metabolism and burn fat.  Including a thermogenic protein powder into your daily routine can help you to increase fat burning results.  Consume one Musashi Shred and Burn shake, mixed with water, either as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack to get the best results.    

Combine resistance training and cardio exercise
Aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise helps to increase your energy expenditure and calorie burning. Resistance training helps to maintain or increase your muscle mass and calorie burning potential. Aim for three resistance training sessions a week, sticking to heavy compound lifts such as the ‘dead lift’, squat, bench press and shoulder press. Gradually introduce between two and four 30-60 minute-long cardio workouts a week, such as jogging or cycling.