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Our Teams

Melbourne Storm

We at Melbourne Storm are proud to be providing our players with Musashi products having done so for the past 10 years with great success. Their no frills, fundamental approach to sports supplementation along with their scientifically proven product line are key reasons why we chose to give our players Musashi products. In our efforts to optimise training intensity, body composition and recovery from training, the Musashi line plays an integral role in our overall program to deliver a best practice approach to our athletes. We highly endorse their products for anyone looking to optimize athletic performance through a no-nonsense, researched based approach to sports supplementation.

Dan Di Pasqua
Head Strength Coach - Melbourne Storm

Brisbane Roar

Musashi products continue to play a vital role in the preparation and recovery of our players to ensure they can meet the high demand of training, matches and travel.

On a daily basis our players use:

  • Musashi Bulk gain
  • Musashi WPI Lean
  • Musashi Bulk and P8 bars

The carbohydrate and protein content of Musashi Bulk is ideal for our players post-training and post-match to ensure their bodies have immediate access to vital nutrients to commence muscle recovery.

WPI Lean is a perfect supplement for post-gym sessions to enhance muscle gain and the synthesis of new muscle tissue.

The players also enjoy the variety of flavours available in the Bulk and P8 bars to supplements their main meals and to ensure they meet the energy demands they ask of their bodies daily.

We have also used Creatine and Leucine on an individual basis - tailored to meet the positional demands of each player.

Tim Oostenbroek
Physiotherapist - Brisbane Roar