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Lentil Burger

Lentil Burger

Preparation time 10min. Cooking time 20min 

Calories: 91.3kcal (383kJ)

Protein: 11.4g

Carbohydrates: 4.0g

Fat: 3.3g 

Per burger 


One cup of red lentils

Three cups of water

One small onion chopped

One garlic clove crushed (5g)

Fresh mixed herbs (handful)

¼ cup of red capsicum (chopped)


Place the lentils, onion, garlic, herbs and red capsicum in shallow water in a pan and bring to the boil. Leave simmering until all water has evaporated. Mix the contents together, remove pan from the heat and leave contents to cool. Once the mixture has cooled take a handful of the mixture into the palms of your hands and roll into balls. Slightly flatten the balls, place in a frying pan and lightly fry. 

Top tip: Lentil patties go nicely with sweet potato and vegetables or in a bun as a vegetarian burger.